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Traditional lancets are what we commonly think of when we hear the term Lancet.  Other common names are pokers, needles, or lancers. Quite simply, they are a molded piece of plastic with a round cap.Underneath the round cap is a needle.  To expose the needle, simply twist off the round plastic cap.

A traditional diabetes lancet can be used entirely on its own by simply jabbing the needle into your finger just enough to get a blood drop, but doing so can be quite painful.  Therefore, the overwhelming majority of people prefer to use lancets in conjunction with a lancing deviceor a lancer.


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A new lancet should be used for each finger prick for a clean lancet. Do not reuse a needle because it can become dull and may cause more pain and bleeding. The lancet needle is very tiny and thin making it prone to bending after one use.

Lancets are small plastic cylinders that contain a sterile steel needle held within a lancing device. The lancet needle is used to poke a small hole in the skin of a finger for a blood sample to check blood glucose levels. Lancets are most commonly used by people with diabetes.


21G 23G 25G 26G 28G 30G 31G

Blue color ,red clor ,yellow color ,purple color available

customized is available



Medical grade 304 stainless steel needle,medical grade PE


Open the cap of the lancing device

Load in the unused lancet

Twist off the round cap to expose the needle

Recap the lancing device

Adjust the depth setting this will specify the puncture depth into your skin

Cock the device

Place the lancing device on your finger

Click the button to fire the lancet

Gently squeeze fingertip to produce adequate blood sample.

Then follow glucose meter instructions to test your blood sugar.

After use, remove the lancing device cap again.

Recap the lancet with the round cap.

Carefully remove the used lancet from the lancing device and place in a sharps container or hard plastic container like a laundry detergent bottle.


100pcs/box 20000pcs/carton

200pcs/box 20000pcs/carton

Comers’ requirements.

OEM service is available


Certificates: CE ISO Approved



1. For external use only

2. One-time use, please discard after use

3. Avoid contact with eyes

4. Keep out of the reach of children


Validity period:3 years.

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