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Medical extension tube is suitable for connecting with other infusion equipment, according to the actual needs of different lengths, it can be widely used in pressure monitoring and infusion treatment.

Medical extension tube is sterile and made of PVC. It consists of a flexible and kink-resistant tube available in different lengths, a male or female luer connector as well as a luer lock cone to guarantee safe connection of the source of infusion and the patient. It can stand a pressure of up to 4 bar and is therefore designated to be used for gravity fed infusions only. Also available as medical extension tube with a pressure resistance of up to 54 bar and designated to be used in combination with infusion pumps.

Male luer lock connector at one end and female luer lock connector at the other end

Product Detail

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Tube length:10cm;15cm;20cm;25cm;50cm;100cm

With male and female lure connector,Rotating luer lock adapter is available, which reduce the risk of twisting of tubing during connection

Low pressure or high pressure for choice

Frosted and transparent surface

Available with or without clamp

Sterile / Disposable / Individual packed

customized is available!



Medical extension tube is made from Medical grade PVC or DEHP FREE PVC, non-toxic PVC,medical grade,Made of medical grade PVC or DEHP free


open the pouch, take out the medical extension tube, external the connector ,connect with the infusion device, Y-injection site, latex tube, three-way stopcock and flow regulator for option

Discard after single use.


Individual PE packing or blister packing

100pcs per box 500pcs per carton

Comers’ requirements.

OEM service is available

Certificates: CE ISO Approved


1. Do not use if package is damaged

2. One-time use, please discard after use

3. Do not store in the sun

4. Keep out of the reach of children

Validity period: 5Years.

Sterile: Sterile by EO gas

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