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Nelaton and urethral catheters are used for intermittent catheterization and are markedly different to chronic in dwelling catheters and external catheters. These are meant for short term bladder catheterization. Intermittent catheterization is a process in which a catheter is inserted into the bladder for the drainage of urine and then is immediately removed. The catheter tube is most often passed through the urethra. The urine is drained into a toilet, bag or urinal. Self-intermittent urethral catheterization is quite common, however, it is a clinical decision made by your doctor.

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Intermittent catheterization can be done both in the short term and the long term. Risks associated with intermittent catheterization include urinary tract infections (UTI), urethral damage, creation of false passages and the formation of bladder stones in some cases. Intermittent catheters provide freedom from collection accessories which is their biggest advantage and generally recommended to those with a neuropathic bladder (uncoordinated and abnormal bladder function).

Nelaton catheters used in hospitals are straight tube – like catheters with one hole at the side of the tip and a connector at the other end for drainage. Nelaton catheters are made from medical grade PVC. They are generally rigid or stiff to aid insertion into the urethra. Male nelaton catheters are longer than female catheters; however, male catheters can be used by female patients. This is because the female urethra is shorter than the male urethra.Nelaton catheters are meant for one time use and should be used only for intermittent catheterization.


Standard Length:40cm

Size(Fr): 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22

Frosted and transparent surface;Color coded connector

Two lateral eyes

customized is available!



NELATON TUBE is made from Medical grade PVC or DEHP FREE PVC, non-toxic PVC,medical grade


open the pouch, take out the Nelaton tube, external the connector ,connect with the Urine bag

Discard after single use.


Individual PE packing or blister packing

100pcs/box 500pcs/carton

Comers’ requirements.

OEM service is available

Certificates: CE ISO Approved


1. Do not use if package is damaged

2. One-time use, please discard after use

3. Do not store in the sun

4. Keep out of the reach of children

Validity period: 5Years.

Sterile: Sterile by EO gas

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