The Brand New Urine Bag Work Shop

On April 25th 2020, Huaian Medicom Medical Technology Co., Ltd invested the new urine bag work shop. Huaian Medicom Medical Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2008. Twelve years past, Huaian Medicom Medical Technology Co., Ltd is committed to be a international company, and now we really has a international, modernization workshop.
In the new workshop, we also purchased new machines and put them into production. We have a more reasonable assembly line. Different workers have different divisions of labor, and different divisions of labor have different production workshops, which greatly saves time and improves production efficiency. The new production workshop has a larger space than the old workshop, the production of urine bags is more convenient here, and the workers have a more reasonable working time. It can be said that in the new workshop, on the one hand, is more efficient and comfortable production.
After the new urine bag work shop established, output value also reach new height. Compared with the production of 100000 urine bags per month in 2010, it is now able to produce 1000000 urine bags per month, an increase of 10 times. It also can be verified by our business partner Reed. Reed said that: “ it is really surprised me, the urine bag you ship to me is faster than before, and quality keep in a very high level”.
Also one member form our workshop Li Hua said that: “ The new Urine work shop is truly give me a better work environment, I’m so proud to be one part of Huaian Medicom Medical Technology.
Our company purpose quality first, customer first, service first. The best cost performance supplier is our aim.

Post time: Apr-25-2020