• Surgical suture

    Surgical suture

    Surgical suture is a medical device used to hold body tissues together after an injury or surgery. Application generally involves using a needle with an attached length of thread. A number of different shapes, sizes, and thread materials have been developed over its millennia of history. Surgeons, physicians, dentists, podiatrists, eye doctors, registered nurses and other trained nursing personnel, medics, clinical pharmacists and veterinarians typically engage in suturing. Surgical knots are used to secure the sutures

  • Alcohol Pads

    Alcohol Pads

    Alcohol pad (alcohol swab) is mainly used for cleaning and disinfecting skin and appliances in hospital;also used for home care ,like cleaning glass,phone,disinfection of public facilities ect,Alcohol pre pad is a gauze pad that has been saturated with alcohol. It is an important part of any first aid kit, as it helps to clean and disinfect cuts and scrapes. These swabs are also used in doctor’s offices, at shot clinics and any other place where quick, easy cleaning of an area is needed. The alcohol helps to rid the skin and other surfaces of potential sources of infection.


  • Blood Lancet

    Blood Lancet

    Traditional lancets are what we commonly think of when we hear the term Lancet.  Other common names are pokers, needles, or lancers. Quite simply, they are a molded piece of plastic with a round cap.Underneath the round cap is a needle.  To expose the needle, simply twist off the round plastic cap.

    A traditional diabetes lancet can be used entirely on its own by simply jabbing the needle into your finger just enough to get a blood drop, but doing so can be quite painful.  Therefore, the overwhelming majority of people prefer to use lancets in conjunction with a lancing deviceor a lancer.


  • Surgical Blade

    Surgical Blade

    Surgical blade/disposable scaple/stitch cutter are made by Medical class 304 Stainless steel or carton steel,Through quenching and grinding technology, the material has sharpness and is used for surgical tissue cutting

    Surgical Blades are critically made in accordance with ISO9001/ISO7740 standard.  They supply very high quality to high level doctors worldwide. Surgical Blades have the most popular sizes to satisfy different surgery demands.Sanitation and quality in accordance with the CE AND ISO standards

    Sterilize Surgical blades with fine sharp cutting in well sealed packages which provides most safety and least pain to final users, Used for cutting soft tissues in the basic surgical surgery

    There are many different specifications to use for different surgeries

  • KN95 Face Mask

    KN95 Face Mask

    KN95 masks are A Chinese replacement for N95 masks, and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said KN95 masks are as effective as N95 and are one of the “appropriate alternatives”, BuzzFeed reported. According to 3M, the world’s largest maker of masks, KN95 is “equivalent” to N95 masks and “can be expected to function very similarly”.

    Mask is a kind of hygiene products, generally refers to wear in the mouth and nose to filter the air into the mouth and nose, in order to prevent harmful gases, smells, droplets, viruses and other substances, made of gauze or paper.

    Masks have a certain filtering effect on the air entering the lungs. Wearing masks has a very good effect during the epidemic of respiratory infectious diseases and the operation in the polluted environment such as dust.