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Suction Catheters by Cardinal Health feature a directional valve that reduces the chances of aspirated sputum to minimize trauma. The ergonomically correct angle of the valve maximizes comfort and the DeLee tip minimizes pain and potential for injury. The Suction Catheter is firm enough for easy insertion and removal, yet flexible enough to maintain efficient suction.


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The colored valves help to identify the different French sizes of the Suction Catheters.Tracheal suction catheter is a medical instrument that helps in extracting secretions like saliva or mucus from the upper airway. One end of the catheter is securely attached to a collection canister or suction machine. The other end is placed directly into the trach tube for extracting secretions.

Suction catheter is used to suck the sputum and secretion in respiratory tract.

The catheter is used by directly inserted into the throat or by the inserted  tracheal tube for anaesthesia



Length :20cm 30cm 40cm or the size can be customized

Frosted and transparent surface;Color coded connector

customized is available!



Suction catheter is made from Medical grade PVC or DEHP FREE PVC, non-toxic PVC,medical grade


open the pouch, take out the suction catheter, external the connector ,connect the urine bag or pump machine

Discard after single use.

1. For single use only, Prohibited to re-use

2. sterilized by ethylene oxide do not use if the packing is damaged or open

3.Store under shady,cool,dry,ventilated and clean condition


Individual PE packing or blister packing

100pcs/box 500pcs/carton

Comers’ requirements.

OEM service is available

Certificates: CE ISO Approved


1. Do not use if package is damaged

2. One-time use, please discard after use

3. Do not store in the sun

4. Keep out of the reach of children

Validity period: 5Years.

Sterile: Sterile by EO gas

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